Auto Refinancing Basics

You’ve probably heard of refinancing, people mostly use this with mortgages but it can also work for auto loans too. Auto loan refinancing is desirable to people whose first loan seems to be costing too much in terms of interest rates. Another auto lender is supposed to refinance an auto loan since the law doesn’t authorize any lender to refinance their own loans.


Now, what is an auto refinance loan? It is a loan that pays off an existing auto loan. It works the same as mortgage refinancing, when your new lender pays for your old loan the title to your vehicle is transferred to your new lender.


The next question is why do people use refinancing. Quintessentially, buyers avail of auto loan refinancing to get a lower interest rate in order to lessen their interest costs and to lower monthly payments. You can also save some money with car loan refinancing but it still depends on things like the remaining balance of you existing loan, the term of your new loan, the difference between old interest rate and the new interest rate, etc.


When do you need to refinance your existing loan? It depends on your individual goals when it comes to your personal finance decisions. You may want to consider an auto loan refinancing with a shorter term if your objective is to reduce the amount of interest you’re paying.


Requesting for an auto loan modification is as simple as picking up the phone and calling your lender or financing institution. Dealerships and financial companies are more than willing to help you in keeping your car. Keep in mind that they’ve been suffering the recession so they don’t want to lose sales and continually have customers. However, There are fees associated with a refinance loan. For the standard transfer its just usually around 5-10 dollars and state re-registration fees fairs from 5-75 dollars. These estimated fees vary by state of residence, lender or financial companies.

An auto loan refinancing is a win-win situation for everybody involved. As a car owner you don’t want to lose the vehicle and certainly, the bank doesn’t want to take possession of your car either. This is the type of loan that works best for all parties.