Direct Student Loan: How To Finish College On A Shoe-String Budget

Just because money is so hard to come that is not a reason for you to quite college. Remember that there are things that beyond the reach of people who did not have good education so you need to make sure that you finish college to gain an edge over your competitors. If you do not have enough college funds to get you through your senior year, you need to find other means to get the money that you need. One of the best ways to raise the money that you need to finish school is to get direct student loan. Most colleges and universities in the country offer direct student loan to eligible students.

What is very interesting about direct student loan is that it offers very low interest rates and it allows you to select an affordable and easy payment scheme. In fact, you do not have to go somewhere to pay for your direct student loan later on. Direct student loan servicing is available online so as long as you have access to a computer with good internet connects; you can pay your direct student loan anytime. That is really very convenient especially if you are planning to work abroad right after graduation.

Getting A Direct Student Loan

Getting a direct student loan is fairly easy. The first thing that you need to do is to find out what types of direct student loans are being offered by your school. You can easily find the information that you need from your school’s website. If you have some questions about the student loans offered by your school, visit your school’s student loan counseling office. Your school’s student loan counselor should be able to answer most if not all of your questions. Where discussing student loans with your school’s student loan counselor, you can also ask about other types of student loans and grants which may be useful for you. Try to explore all your options. Remember that if you want to graduate college on a shoe-string budget, you need to be very resourceful.

After getting all the information that you need about direct student loan programs in your school, you may now apply for a loan. To apply for a direct student loan, fill out the application form online and then hit the submit button. Your application will be evaluated. You will later on be notified via e-mal or phone regarding the status of your student loan application.